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The Hope Scholarship Florida 2022: In-depth Review

Here you will read about: The Hope Scholarship Florida 2022-2023: In-depth Review (best wishes)

Host CountryFlorida, USA
DeadlineSeptember 15, 2022
TypeAmount varies

The Hope Scholarship Program was established in 2018 through the legislature. This scholarship aims to provide parents at public schools with students in K-12 grades who are facing or being subjected to violence or bullying in the new learning environment. Systematically, funds of the scholarship are transferred through the process of the tax credits to those who purchase motor vehicles in Florida state. Starting from October 01, 2018, to those who purchase motor vehicles, the tax credit of dollar for the dollar amounts up to $105 in return to any tax imposed by the state and being collected by the dealer including private agents as well as county tax collector for the reason to step up the students. 

Who can apply

On the account of the available funds, as well as based on first come and first serve those students who are enrolled in the K-12 grades, eligible to apply for the scholarship if student reports incidents related to.

  • Bullying
  •  Battery harassment
  • Hazing
  • Robbery
  • Physical attack
  • Covid-19 harassment
  • Assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Threat as well as intimidation
  • Kidnapping
  • Fighting at school


Procedurally, as the above-mentioned incident is reported to the school principal or designee then it is mandatory to provide a copy of the incident to the parent as well as investigate the incident. When Investigation comes to an end, or within 15 days of the incident whichever is earlier, the school has to notify the parents of the scholarship to another public school within the district. Finally, it is mandatory for the school district to give hope scholarship notification form. 


The benefits of the Hope Scholarship include

  • It provides alternative environment for the learning to students who are subjected to any of the incidents as described above and somehow moral support for the victims. 
  • Also, include that this scholarship can be transferred because if the student is not comfortable with chosen school, he/she may have option to find another.
  • Additionally, there is also benefit of $750 for the transportation cost or to get admission in out of the district school or receive education from private school. 


September 15, 2022. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are Responsibilities as a parent once scholarship is received? 

Besides other responsibilities, select the eligible private school and apply for the admission on behalf of child. 

Who can apply for the Hope Scholarship?

The students who are/ were victims of the qualifying incidents.

Can amount of the scholarship forfeited?

Yes, if the parents enroll students in public school or students are enrolled in Djj Commitment programs.

What is tenure of the Hope Scholarship?

The tenure of the scholarship remains in effect till student returns to public school or completes graduation in high school whichever is earlier.

How is eligibility fixed?

Hope Notification form signed by principal or designee is basis for the eligibility and this scholarship is based on first come and first serve.

What average amount of the scholarship is private school is opted for various grades?

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