Jason Lang Scholarship

Jason Lang Scholarship 2023| Alberta Scholarships Deadline, Award, Eligibility

Jason Lang Scholarship 2023

The complete guide to apply for Jason Lang Scholarship, eligibility, deadline & awards

Jason Lang Scholarship Alberta


This scholarship is open for residents of Canada to continue their professional studies

Award $1,000

Deadline: September, 2023

University of Alberta encourages the post-secondary students to continue their undergrad & professional studies with $1000 award.

Eligibility Criteria


  1. Canadian citizen or Alberta resident
  2. Minimum GPA 3.2 at [Alberta Institutes]
  3. Completed 80% of full-normal course or 24 units of course weight
  4. Enrolled full-time student in Alberta Institutes
  5. Candidate in 2nd or subsequent year of undergrad studies

❌Not Eligible

  1. Enrolled in 1-year certificate programs
  2. GPA below 3.2 Cumulative
  3. Awarded Louise McKinney Scholarship for same period of study
  4. Obtained lifetime max 3 Jason Lang Scholarships
  5. Do not return to a Publicly Funded Institutions in Fall or Winter

Find more scholarships here if you are ineligible to above criteria

List of Alberta Institutes

  1. Alberta University of Arts
  2. Ambrose University
  3. Athabasca University
  4. Bow Valley College
  5. Burman University
  6. Concordia University of Edmonton
  7. Northwestern Polytechnic
  8. Lakeland College
  9. Lethbridge College
  10. MacEwan University
  1. Academy of Learning
  2. ABM College of Business & technology
  3. Ace Career College
  4. Bay River College
  5. Alison College
  6. Campbell College
  7. Capstone Edge College
  8. Digital School
  9. Makami College Inc.
  10. Peerless Training Institute
  1. Alberta Bible College
  2. Newman Theological College
  3. Rocky Mountain College
  4. Vanguard College
  5. Clearwater College
  6. Peace River Bible Institute
  7. Concordia Lutheran Seminary
  1. Anne’s Language House
  2. Bow valley College
  3. Equilibrium School
  4. Global Village Calgary
  5. Lethbridge College
  6. Maple Leaf Academy
  7. Solomon College
  8. University of Alberta
  1. Alberta Ballet School
  2. CPA Western School of Business

Host Institute

University of Alberta

Scholarship Donor

Government of Alberta via University of Alberta, Canada

Scholarship Deadline

  1. Fall Application Deadline: September, 2023
  2. Winter Application Deadline: January, 2023

Application Process

Before you apply for Jason Lang Scholarship, confirm your eligibility click on image below to sign in with your credentials

Student Awards Application

Selection Criteria

Candidates are nominated by Alberta post-secondary institutes [Student Awards Office] once they qualify for award.

Jason Lang Scholarship is highly competitive therefore you need to ensure that you meet eligibility criteria to increase your chances to win scholarship

University of Alberta

Fast facts about University of Alberta

  • Top 5th Canadian University
  • 150th Top in the World
  • 200 Undergraduate Programs
  • 500 Graduate Programs
  • 250 Specializations
  • 300 Research Areas
  • 40,000 Students from 156 Countries
  • 300,000 Alumni Network in 140 Countries
  • 1st Nobel Laurate
  • 75 Rhodes Scholars

Tips & Tricks

Applying for a scholarship can be intimidating, however there are several tips that can help you qualify for the Jason Lang Scholarship in Alberta.

  • First, be sure to meet the eligibility requirements. This includes being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and having Alberta as your primary residence.
  • Second, submit all necessary documents in a timely manner.
  • Third, make sure your application is complete and your essay is well-written
  • Fourth, get letters of recommendation from professors, employers or others who can attest to your academic or professional skills.
  • Fifth, If you are appearing for exams soon, make sure you obtain grades that matches with 3.2 GPA of Jason Lang Scholarship eligibility
  • In last, attend scholarship information sessions and ask questions at Alberta Official Site

University of Alberta: Contact Details


Administration Building, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2M7

Get your all queries answered at Student Service Center about form submission, virtual advising, student service portal, degree requirements, post-secondary designated institutions for international students, study permit info.

About Jason Lang

Jason Lang Alberta

In 1999, Jason Lang is the victim of the Taber shooter. 12 students and one teacher were killed in Columbine High School, Littleton. During that incidence, one bullet struck Jason Lang, a 17-year-old Grade 11 student who died on the spot and his friend Shane Christmas, also 17, was blasted in the stomach.

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