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Idaho Scholarship in the United States, fully funded until 2023-24

Host CountryUSA
Host UniversityUniversity of Idaho
Scholarships Offered2024 Idaho University Scholarship
Scholarships CoverageMultiple Scholarships Programs
Level of DegreeUndergraduate, Graduate, and Law Degree Programs in all fields

The University of Idaho’s Invitation to Idaho Scholarship program is open to all good potential students from around the world. Students at the University of Idaho are well-prepared to enter the workforce and achieve success in their careers and personal lives thanks to their education and experience.

The university’s campus is world-class, complete with academic buildings, a library, parking lots, and athletic fields where you can make lasting memories during your time in college.

If you missed out on the College students Scholarship 2022-2023, you could still apply for this one opportunity! The University of Idaho has a 60-70 percent acceptance rate for international students, making it a highly selective institution in the United States of America. Applicants from outside the United States are encouraged to do so. Scholarship for students from Africa.

All academic fields and majors are available to students at the University of Michigan. The University of Idaho has a wide range of degree options for students in all academic fields and majors. Undergraduate and graduate student scholarships last 3-4 years, while law student scholarships last 2-4 years.

What are the benefits of receiving a scholarship from the University of Idaho?

  • Please apply if you live outside the United States. a bursary for African students.
  • Undergraduate scholarships are available.
  • Idaho University USA Scholarships 2023-24 will pay for all of your living expenses while you attend school in the United States.
  • Students with a GPA 0.4 or higher receive an annual stipend of $8,000 each year.
  • Earning $6,000 a year with a GPA of 75-3.89 in high school is possible.
  • A 4-3.74 GPA in high school is worth $5,000 a year.
  • $1,000 per year for students who graduated high school with an average grade point average of 00 to 3.39.

All-new, qualified students are guaranteed this tuition waiver. To keep this waiver, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 during their time at the University of Idaho. Click here for more scholarships in USA, Europe & Asia

Admissions Requirements for the University of Idaho

Candidates for this scholarship in the United States for 2023-2024 must meet the following criteria.

  • Apply as an international first-year student at the University of Idaho for bachelor’s degrees.
  • In the United States, do not attend or graduate from a secondary school.
  • To enroll in a graduate program for a master’s or doctoral degree, students must first earn a bachelor’s or higher degree. A bachelor’s degree is required, as is residency outside of the United States.
  • You should be interested in and take personal initiative in participating in cross-cultural learning and exchange activities.
  • Applicants must submit an essay (500-1000 words) or a video (two-5 minutes) outlining their plans for intercultural education, research, or employment in order to be considered for a scholarship award.


It’s time to apply for a scholarship at the University of Idaho. If they want consideration, those interested in applying for a scholarship must do so by March 1, 2024.

Where to Apply

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