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Top Florida Nursing Scholarships 2023-24

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No doubt! Florida is the heart of healthcare institutes where 150 Accredited LPN Schools offer scholarships in 100 nursing specialties. It has also 80 Certified Nursing Assistant Schools training programs with certifications. Here we share the complete details of Florida Nursing Scholarships 2022-23 offered by state-approved nursing Schools.

1.The Janet Colliflower Keys Nursing Scholarships Florida

MDC achieved $500,000 Grants for Expanding Nursing Education Programs

– Miami Foundation

The Miami Foundation with its great leadership invested $485 million for the stronger future of community. It offers an opportunity to the nursing students who are residents of Florida for minimum one year. Alongside, they want to be Registered Nurse (RN) but stay deprived of financial resources. hence the Miami foundation support with foundation grants.

Moreover, this financial aid is awarded to two nursing students every year who are enrolled in nursing schools mentioned above. Interested aspirants can reach by a single click The Miami Foundation Grants or contact them via phone call.

Award worth: $1000 for two nursing students every year

Deadline: May 31, 2023

Contact: (305) 371-2711

2.The Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program (NSLFP)

Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program 2022

– Nursing Education, Florida

This nursing student loan relief helps officially recognized nursing personnel who aims to accomplish their nursing degrees & fill the shortage of nursing staff in Florida.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must be legally licensed by any of the above mentioned nursing schools as an LPN or RN

Unable to finance the nursing tuition

must be employed in the designated sites of Florida

Loan Relief Amount: $4000/year for four years.

Deadline: 4 quarters of year, currently open till 1 December, 2022 (click here for more deadlines 2022-2023)

3.Central Florida Black Nurses Association of Orlando, Inc| Nursing Scholarship 2022-23

Central Florida Black Nursing Association

– Orlando, Florida

Central Florida Nursing Financial Aid is for an aspirant who want to pursue nursing profession. This scholarship is announced on year basis.

Moreover, CFBNA is working to assist the black community in the nursing career by proving financial assistance since 20th century.

Eligibility: (1)candidate belongs to CFBNA, (2)residing in Central Florida, (3) CGPA 2.5 (4) Enrolled in registered nursing programs (5) Express a proper financial need

Amount offered: Not disclosed

Deadline: 1st April 2023-30 June 2023

4.Bruce Taylor Nursing Scholarship Florida Application

Honors & Rewards at FHCA

– Florida Healthcare Association

This scholarship offered by the Florida Healthcare Association to its nursing staff for achieving their higher education in nursing field. Also, it is necessary for the applicant to have been from at least six months in FHCA.

Amount offered: Academic expenses

Deadline: April 30 – August 30 Every Year

5.Florida Nurses Foundation Scholarship 2022-23

Florida Needs You, Be the part of FNF

– Florida Nursing Foundation

This scholarship is offered to nursing students in Florida and it is necessary enrolled in nationally accredited nursing program. It also provides opportunity for the students to learn and grow their career. Once scholarship is awarded then student has to live in the Florida throughout the term of the scholarship.

Amount offered: Up to academic expenses

Deadline: Every year’s June

6.Florida Nurses Association Scholarship Programs

Florida Nurses Association aims to encourage the nurses to inculcate skills and enhance service quality in healthcare sector. Hence, keeping in view the mission it offers the scholarship programs to nurses for the achieving the purpose.

Amount offered: $500

Deadline: Varies

7.Kay F. Fullwood Northeast Florida Geriatric Nursing Scholarship Fund

This opportunity is also one of the popular in 8 Florida Nursing Scholarships 2022-23 offered by Florida Nurses Association. The residents of North Florida presently enrolled in geriatrics specialization bachelor program are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Apart from that, they must be participants of Geriatrics NP practicing program which must be accredited DNP study program. Hence, this is unique scholarship which devotes resources for the specialization geriatrics and encourages eligible students to apply for the scholarship.

Amount Offered: Varies

Deadline: June 1, 2023

8.Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation|Florida Nursing Scholarships 2022

Lettie Pate Whitehead 48 Women Scholars 2021

– Lee University, Cleveland

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation awards scholarships to female students for reason to support and encourage them for opting the nursing as career and devotes all resources to help the female students by providing the assistance in selected universities/colleges of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia. Foundation also keeps motive in the field of the health education. It also awards 200 scholarships to Christian women every year to selected institutions of the specified states.

Amount: Varies on the basis of institution fees

Lettie Pate Whitehead scholarship deadline

Deadline: As set by specified institutions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must know, before you apply..

– Frequently Asked Queries By Students

Can I find minority nursing scholarships 2022 in Florida?

Definitely, Oncology Nursing Society Offers $2000 to the incredible nursing aspirants, deadline for this scholarship is January 2023, click here to read about the requirement

Does Florida offer nursing school scholarships for older students?

There are 13 nursing scholarships for older students, it depends on their education level, age and grants amount. As shortage of nursing staff in Florida require more attention to fulfil the vacancy, you may apply for student loan forgiveness or check the eligibility for former 13 scholarships and apply here

What are the nursing specialties in demand?

There are various disciplines in Florida out of which 10 Nursing Specialties are in demand for upcoming years. we advise you to go through and discover your interest by knowing the career options, salary and duties

Is the Florida healthcare colleges award only free tuition for nursing students?

No, they award fixed amount in USD, it depends on students self expenses whether they are manageable apart from tuition fees. Moreover, some scholarship awards on the basis of your performance and progress over the years.

How to write Florida Nursing Scholarship Thank You Letter?

we suggest you to go through some samples before you write Thank You Letter. In order to oblige for which you’re honored, reflect on your letter with honesty in precise manner.

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