Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship 2022-2023: Complete Details
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Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship 2023-2024: Complete Details

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Opening Date October 01, 2022
Closing DateApril 01, 2023
TypePartial Funded Scholarship 
CategoryNeed-based Merit Scholarship
Course LevelPost-Secondary


The Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship, this program of the scholarship is need-based merit scholarship which aims to facilitate by providing financial assistance up to 50 eligible students either who are farmworkers or children of farmworkers as explained in section 420.503 section. This scholarship also categorizes student who want to attend post-secondary education. This scholarship also covers the expenses related to tuition and specified fees. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The students who intend to apply for the scholarship must have fulfil following requirements:

  • Resident of Florida 
  • Earn minimum GPA of 3.5 for all courses of high school which are creditable toward a diploma
  • Also, complete at least 30 hours of the service
  • On the student’s transcript(documented), the student has to
    • Attendance rate must be at least 90% and;
    • No disciplinary action brought against him/her throughout the academic career 
  • Finally, either be a farmworker or child of a farmworker

Requirements for receiving the funds

For the receiving the funds the student has to meet following criteria:

  • Must be a resident of Florida and citizen of USA or eligible non-citizen. Furthermore, residency and citizenship status as determined by the pos-secondary institution.
  • Also, when students enroll in undergraduate programs or certificate program where minimum 12 hours of credit in a term or it must be equivalent at the public institution which is eligible public institution.


Benefits of the scholarships include as following.

  • This scholarship covers expenses of the tuition and specified fees.
  • This scholarship also gets renews automatically while keeping in view requirements 
  • There is also option of re instatement which implies if the student did not used the funds in previous year can apply for reinstatement for the current year.

How to apply?

  • Student who intends to apply for this scholarship may submit Florida Financial Aid Application until April 1,2023. 
  • Besides, it is also necessary that online restoration/reinstatement form must be completed by April1,2023.
  • Finally, student must complete as well as submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the reason to have error free processed data until May 15, 2022.


April 1, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Which expenses this scholarship covers?

Expenses which are covered by this scholarship are tuition fees and other specified fees.

How much CGPA must be maintained to apply for the renewal of the scholarship?

Students must maintain CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4 to apply for the renewal of the scholarship.

What is the tenure of the Scholarship?

Tenure of the scholarship remains until post-secondary education is completed if the student meets all requirements.

How is eligibility determined? 

Eligibility is determined through meeting all requirements and first come first serve basis. 

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