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Emerson College Acceptance Rate 2023: Ranking, Scholarships, and more

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Emerson college is a private liberal arts college located in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown. It was founded by Thomas Handy, a businessman and philanthropist from South Carolina who died in 1876. The school opened its doors on October 1st, 1827, offering an education for free to any student who wanted it. At the time of its founding, it had only three teachers and ten students!

Emerson college acceptance rate

Emerson College has a low acceptance rate of 49.6%. This is significantly lower than the average acceptance rate of all colleges, which is 70%.

Emerson college ranking

Emerson College ranking includes:

  • US News & World Report Best Colleges 2019: #54 overall (National Universities)
  • U.S News Top 50 Undergraduate Engineering Programs 2019 (#2)

In addition to being one of America’s top universities for engineering students, Emerson also offers classes that focus on arts and humanities such as literature or music theory.

Scholarships in Emerson college

Emerson College offers a number of scholarship opportunities to students. These scholarships are available for prospective, transfer and international students alike. The following are some of the most common types of scholarships:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships – These awards reflect academic achievement but also consider other factors such as leadership or athletic ability. They usually require significant financial need to apply for the award. Some examples include:
  • President’s Medal – Awarded by The Trustees of Emerson College upon recommendation from faculty members at their discretion based on demonstrated excellence in scholarship and leadership accomplishments during one’s undergraduate career at Emerson College; may be renewed every two years for up to four years total (at which point it becomes voluntary). Recipients must maintain full-time status during this time period; if not required under federal regulations regarding financial aid programs within public institutions

For further information please visit their financial aid page.

Accreditation of Emerson college

Emerson College has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1965, which means that it has met the minimum standards set out by this agency in order to be considered “accredited” by them. The Middle States Commission evaluates colleges based on financial stability; whether they contain sufficient resources (in terms of both money as well as facilities); how quickly they respond when contacted; whether there are issues surrounding diversity within their ranks; among other things

The Middle States Commission is a regional accrediting agency. These are separate from national (or specialized) accreditation agencies, which tend to focus on specific fields of study. For example, the American Bar Association has its own standards for law schools.


The best thing about Emerson college is that it offers a great education, and it’s affordable.

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