Burger King Scholarship 2023-24
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Burger King Scholarship for High School Seniors 2023-24

Burger King Scholarship 2023-24

Burger King Foundation has brought the Burger King Scholarships 2023-24 worth $1000-$50000 for high school seniors from United States, Puerto Rico, Gaum and Canada. There are thousands of scholarships are awarded each year by Burger King Foundation to deserving high school seniors since 2000. This foundation offers awards to employees, spouses or high school seniors pursuing a traditional post-secondary education and plan to enroll in two-to-four-year university or college for higher studies.

Burger King Foundation

Burger King Foundation is established in October 2005 aiming to enhance the capability of individuals with advanced education and training in all areas where Burger King operates. In order to succeed in their motive, the co-founder of Burger King Foundation Jim McLamore partnered with NGOs having focus on scholarships, literacy programs & emergency relief.

Burger King Foundation Success

  • In 2022, $55 million (approximately) distributed among 45000 high school students.
  • $4.6 million scholarships awarded in 4000 students in North America

Burger King Scholarship Summary

LocationCanada & USA
Study LevelUndergraduate, Vocational-Technical Training, GED Certification or Short Courses
Award $1,000 – $50,000
Number of Scholarships4200
CGPA (Required)2.0 – 4.0
Deadline15th December, 2022

Burger King Scholarship 2022 Deadline

Burger King Scholarship Deadline is 15th December, 2022

Interested students who are in dire need of scholarship to continue their higher studies must apply before deadline and accumulate the necessary documents mentioned below.

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Burger King Scholarship Application Process

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In order to get selected for this competitive high school seniors scholarship, you need to go through the application process very carefully. Hence, follow these steps one by one.

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Eligibility Criteria of Burger King Scholarship

  • Candidate must be a resident of United States, Puerto Rico, Guam or Canada
  • Graduating High School Seniors or Grade 12 (Canada)
  • High School CGPA minimum 2.0 to 4.0
  • Want to pursue higher studies in US accredited colleges in Puerto Rico, US, Guam or Canada
  • Plan to Enroll as a full time student in 2023-24 academic year for 2-4 year university education.

Application Tracks

This scholarship eligibility is classified separately for dependents of employees applying for scholarship and high school seniors who have no affiliation with Burger King Foundation otherwise. Read below application tracks for more information

High School Senior Track

This track is same as mentioned eligibility criteria for General high school seniors above.

  • A candidate with great academic achievements and CGPA minimum 2.5
  • Have a passion of serving community around his/her locality
  • Should be high school senior, Burger King worker, spouse or child of associate worker

Employees Track

Employees track has 2 types based on qualification

  1. Candidates who are pursuing postsecondary education
  2. Students pursuing an enrichment program

The criteria for employees track is available on the given link Eligibility Criteria for Employees track

What are the requirements for Burger King Scholarship?

Required Documents

  • High school transcript of student in which grades CGPA is mentioned vividly
  • Burger King worker or associate (only for the employees dependents applying for scholarship)
  • List of academic achievements, community work experience
  • Represent the financial need with salary slip, income certificate or any governmental approved document.

Burger King Scholarship Award Amount

Number of AwardsAward Amount
Top Three Students $50,000 per student
Up to 12 Regional Awards$5,000 each student (2 awards per region)
Up to 6 King Awards$10,000 for top employees (1 award per region)

How to Apply

For complete instructions of application form and award guidelines go to Official Site

Register yourself for the Burger King Scholarship program on given link Register Now

Watch Burger King Scholarship Application Tutorial

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