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Bright Futures Scholarship 2022-2023 | Complete Details

Read about the most awaited scholarship article: Bright Futures Scholarship 2022-2023 | Complete Details

Host CountryUSA
Deadline31st August (Annual)

Suppose you are a Florida resident and plan to stay in the state to attend college or a professional school. In that case, the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship is a great option for financing your education. See the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship 2022 Requirements and how to apply by reading on.

Florida Bright Futures scholarships 2022

It is possible to receive a scholarship from the Bright Futures Scholarship Program in three ways: as an academic scholar, medallion scholar, or vocational scholar.

Because the Florida Bright Future Scholarship can be renewed each year, you can save a great deal of money on your college expenses over the course of several years.

However, the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship application form may be difficult for you to complete. The application process is streamlined and automated, so you won’t have to jump through hoops.

Applicant Eligibility for Bright Future Scholarships

The application process should be pretty straightforward if you meet the eligibility requirements.

To begin the process of applying for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you must first determine whether or not you qualify. To be eligible for these awards, you’ll need to put in more time planning for a bright future in Florida than you might think you have.

In order to be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A resident of Florida who is also a citizen of the United States, or an eligible non-citizen, is required for this opportunity.
  • You must complete the application for financial assistance in Florida before the end of your high school year on August 31st of the following year.
  • You must also have a Florida high school diploma or its equivalent from a Florida public or private high school.
  • You should never have been charged with a crime.
  • Admission to a degree or certificate program at an eligible Florida public or private postsecondary institution is required (postsecondary, college, vocational, or professional program).
  • Additional requirements include a minimum of 6 non-remedial credit hours per term.

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What is the value of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

  • To help with the additional costs of training, the Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) will receive a stipend of $300 for each spring and summer session. Tuition and fees will be charged to students attending a public university.
  • Beginning in the summer semester, FAS students are eligible to receive an award to cover tuition and applicable fees for summer sessions.
  • For the Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS), 75 percent of the tuition and applicable fees will be covered by the scholarship they receive. Beginning in the summer semester of 2022, FMS students will be able to receive an award to cover tuition and applicable fees for summer sessions.
  • Activities and services, health, athletic, financial aid, capital improvement/campus access/transportation/technological/tuition differential fees are all included in the applicable fees for FAS and FMS students.

Guidelines for Submitting an Application:

Quite a bit of it has been automated. For this, you only need to submit the Florida Financial Aid Application and keep an eye on your application to make sure it’s all going well.

You can begin the application process as early as December 1 if all of your eligibility requirements are met.


This scholarship has an annual deadline of the 31st of August, but you should submit your application as early as possible. Visit this link to learn more about the scholarship.

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