Best Free Animation Software for Beginners 2023 (Full Honest Review)

I am here with first software review article about Best Free Animation Software for Beginners 2023 (Full Honest Review)

With every day that passes by, we’re getting a step closer to learning and merging ourselves within the tech world. The work we used to do by the help of man power is now being done by software and different applications instead which replicate the task better and perform it without any mistakes.

Whereas these programs have helped us grow financially and economically within our businesses or other developments, they’ve also opened some doorways to new and yet more creative fields of work as well. One of them is animation.

Animations can save your day in many cases within the modern era. Got a video due and can’t find a guy for it? No worries, animate one. Want to add a trendy yet hip touch to your work? Animate it. Can’t find anybody to brand your product? Animate your own style onto It. Your creativity is the only limit that applies on you when you enter the animation field.

What is animation? Why be an animator in 2023?

Animation in simple words: is a thought brought into action via the help of 3D or 2D programs. With the leading companies like Marvel and DC bringing some of the most tremendous animated projects into action out there, animations have become quite a demand. Why shouldn’t they though? Think of it like this; animations not only give you the freedom to put your creativity out there in form of an actual figure without any restrictions, it also allows you to rely less on actual human roles!

The parts of your project or perhaps video documentary that you’d have to hire an actual figure for can now be replaced with an animation made solely by you within your own workspace. Not only that but by walking onto the path of becoming an animator you can pretty much bring any thought you like into life within the form of a 3D model or more drastically a 2D portrait that reflects the message you want to deliver within every pixel of it.

Animation is one of the easiest graphical designing branches specially with all the free and paid software that are available in the market right now to get you going in the right direction while letting you portray your world of imagination into reality without any obstacles in the way. When learnt right and used with business traditions, animations can also turn out to be a game changer for any solo developer or indie student who’s willing to aim high as the world is only going to expand towards this field starting from today and not the other way around.

Best Free Animation Software for Beginners 2023 (Full Honest Review):

Animation software can be quite heavy on your pocket with all the pricing and subscription plans they allot, though you got nothing to worry about as we have picked 5 of the best free animation software in both 2D and 3D class to get you started within no time at all.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is one powerful 2D software that allows you to make timeline-based animations with ease. It’s got a hand full of features and provides up to 50+ layers of space to get every pixel of your creativity in motion. It’s pretty easy on your system as well and does not require boasted specs in order to perform properly hence you can create multiple perplexed projects on this software without the worry of optimization. It’s bone system also becomes very handy when you are adding complex movements and deformations to your vector artwork or any other project. Synfig studio is one of the simplest apps we got on this list though if you’re having any issues still you can also check out their training course and user manuals for getting a proper idea about how to unleash your inner potential throughout this app.


  • Free-to-use.
  • Comes with a large variety of tools such as rendering tools, vector tools and Onion skins.
  • It contains numerous amounts of technical functions and tools regardless of being free.
  • Simple layout.


  • Drawing with Synfig can turn out to be quite a bother for some beginners.
  • The overall UI takes time to get used with.
  • Does not provide extended file support for importing etc.


Krita is one of the most popular digital painting and animations software out there. It provides touchscreen and drawing tablet support making it pretty handy for those who have trouble with drawing on our previous pick. It also comes with a number of features including importing/exporting image sequence allowing you to add or take a number of images as an animated layer, Different dockers for better maintenance and grip over your project, onion skinning giving you an overlay to view the previous or next frames in advance and much more. Krita also offers some very sleek tools for digital painting allowing its users to be more interactive with the work they are taking from its 2D animation interface.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Great choice for digital artists and 2D rendering.
  • Its foundation offers plenty of educational materials to help you get to grips with the program and its features


  • Does not have a diverse range of features as other software on this list.
  • Fast-paced brush movements may cause the program to lag slightly.
  • Does not have a dedicated support.

Animation Paper

Animation paper is one of the most appealing programs to new users and beginners within the animation criteria. It composes a whole bunch of features focused mainly on stability and efficiency hence you are sure to get a balanced and interactive product out of this software. Animation paper comes with many tools like X-sheet which is relatively easy to get a grip on, has powerful timing and displays sound waves as well as scribbled notes alongside. It also has some extremely maneuverable import and export functions allowing it to fetch alpha and detailed statistic data. This software is also in its pre-release state right now which means you get a more active and guiding community for a better grip and overview of the animation field.


  • The software is free-to-use within its pre-released version hence you can get its full-on experience without paying a single penny.
  • Super-fast responses while drawing and flipping etc.
  • Customizable toolbar and speed dial for reaching your favorite functions within a single flick.


  • The software may not release a free version after its initial launch.
  • Due to the program being in its pre-release dates still, it’s not that competitive with other stable builds out there.


Let’s kick into the world of 3D modeling and animations finally with one of the most popular software used in movies and many sci-fi projects: Blender. This program is one worthy competitor even when pitted against some of the paid ones which we will later enlist in this article. Some of its features include 3D modeling, roistered graphics rendering, rigging and skinning, sculpting, UV unwrapping and much more. Blender also comes with a video editor of its own providing you the basic set of tools to perform your everyday operations without switching out. Blender can also be used in game development and much more thus it has a very high learning curve making it a little hard to get familiar with during the start. Although it does have a very big community which provides guides about almost every factor related to animations and 3D modeling hence it shouldn’t bother you much by any means.


  • Free-to-use.
  • Can export in multiple formats.
  • Supports GPU and CPU rendering.


  • Not as intuitive as other alternatives for more detailed animations.
  • The UI can get really intimidating for first time users.
  • May require a high-end PC in some cases, depending on the type of work you are doing on it.

Daz Studio

Daz studio is a very user-friendly suite of tools which can implement 3D models to create different sort of animations and renders. While Blender is good for creating 3D models from scratch; Daz studio lets you start with a hyper realistic base model of its own which you can further modify per your desire. It has a dozen of morphs which you can change per your accommodation and it includes various editing options and choices allowing you to make the best out of your creativity. This program also has its own shop which has a number of pre-done 3D models which you can drag and drop into your own project. Daz studio has a friendly community dedicated to guiding new beginners and helping users get started within its already simple-to-operate UI. You can also import/export your project into different daz bridges which include some of the most popular 3D engines including Blender itself. In simplest words: Daz studio is the limit for freedom and creativity with no penny charged at all.


  • Free-to-use
  • Better and fast 3D renders.
  • Core tasks are easy to perform


  • Tools require somewhat expertise.
  • No proper guides available.
  • Can take some time to get used to.


The free criteria in general may not provide you the most optimum and choice-free experience you are looking for although software like Daz studio and Animation Paper are indeed premium choices against some of the paid competitors out there hence these tools become the perfect rig for you to get started with in the animations field.

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