Best Beat Making Software (Free & Paid options)

Here you will read about Best Beat Making Software (Free & Paid options)

Music is a revolutionizing industry that has advanced in spectacular ways throughout recent years. With every day that passes by, people are getting more and more aware of the potential this industry holds. As a result, many new artists who were once under the shade have reached the heights they deserved.

Though the recognition of this field has not only boosted the people who were already present in the music industry; it has also opened a doorway for the teen era to set new goals within the same criteria. Hence for such music enthusiasts, we have created a list of some best beat-making software available on the internet currently to help them get started in no time.

Beats are the heart of nearly all music but they’re the absolute core of electronically produced music. Being able to quickly draft, compose and edit beats is extremely important for musicians of all kinds. This list includes both free programs as well as paid ones to ensure it settles the need of those who seek a premium experience and starter pack.

Best Free Beat Making Software in 2022:

The following free beat-making software are recognized worldwide by many artists and production companies. Regardless of being free, they provide you with enough tools and features for mingling with in order to create the best music possible based on your own creativity and productivity.


LMMS is a 100% free, open source, community-driven project that has been servicing the music community since years. During the beginning phases this software seemed quite clunky, though it’s managed to pick up the pace pretty face due to the amazing people behind it.

This software has tons of features including a slick interface which helps its users you navigate better, voluminous database of sample tunes to get you started in no time, up to free 16 synthesizers which include emulations of many hardware synths like the Roland TB-303, Commodore 64 and 8 bit sounds from Gameboy and Nintendo devices and much more.

Overall, LMMS is brilliant for beatmakers in many ways. It isn’t limited at all, is bulletproof in terms of stability and has tons of plugins and tools for creative use right out of the box.


Trusted by millions of composers due to its versatile UI and easy to notation editor, Musink is one of the simplest beats making programs out there. Musink allows you to edit your music as if you were editing a text document; by clicking and typing.

With this software, all you have to do is simply click where you would like a note and the rest will be taken care of. Musink is truly the definition of automation in the music industry as it arranges page layouts for you without any trouble, integrates itself into your existing midi setup to work with the tools you are already well versed with, supports MIDI imports and exports and so on.

Musink also comes with a Pro version to advance its game in what the free version Is already offering.


Garageband is an obvious choice when it comes to free beat-making software. Originally only for Mac users, this software has since been made available to Windows users as well due to how popular it is. With tons of easy-to-use features, GarageBand has defeated its free status by providing a near-professional suite of tools for all levels of music production.

Garageband is notable for offering a good variety of sample instruments, a simple interface, and the scale to adjust the bass volume or set equalizers wherever required. for beat making, its hip-hop project mode is truly awesome and features Smart Drum Kits which are easily editable in both their samples, rhythms, and FX. There are tons of intuitive options, and everything is laid out to make things as simple as possible.

Garageband is truly the best companion for music creators who are new to the field.

Pro Tools First

pro tools first acts as a preview to the main Pro Tools software, though that does not mean it skimps on many features. The first pro about this program is that it allows users to create 16 audio or MIDI tracks simultaneously. It also includes over 20 advance FX and processors including multiples types of compressors, reverbs, EQs, FX and other funky and creative processors.

Pro tools interface is extremely simple to maneuver through, it has two main levels with one dedicated to mixing and the other for track viewing. It also comes with Xpand, a brilliant software synth and beat plugin with heaps of presets.

This software does come with an export limit of 3 projects though you can still use this industry-level software without paying a single penny.

FL Studio

Fl Studio is a pro-level digital audio station which features everything you could need as a beatmaker. Its free version gives you full access to features and library with only one downside; you can not open saved projects. Though that’s a very minor flaw when it comes to what you are getting in terms of productivity.

FL Studio is considered as one of the best beats making software especially due to its ultra clean and highly usable interface. Using that, you can easily shift between mixer, track view and other features like butter. For beatmakers, FL Studio includes everything in plugin form so you won’t need any sort of hardware. In fact, it’s long been designed with ‘in the box’ production in mind.

FL Studio comes with too many plugins to mention. It’s just its pesky limitation which prevent it from easily defeating this list of other free software. Though undoubtedly still, FL studio still provides you all the necessary tools which you could need for making ground breaking tunes and beats.

Best Paid Beat Making Software:

Whereas the free software may give you the kickstart you are looking for, they can not provide you the full-time experience of being a beats producer. Which is why we have brought you a couple of paid beats making programs as well.

Maschine 2 MK3

Maschine is a revolutionary beat making software which combines the best of both worlds – hardware beat making and software studio applications. Regardless of what type of music you are willing to make, Maschine has you covered from every end.

This software has a long list of features and music enhancing tools. Going from Hands-on hardware control of transport controls, instruments and almost every parameter to drag and drop export patterns. From tons of high-quality expansion sound packs to Plug-and-play functionality and full integration with complete instruments; you name it and Maschine will have it. Maschine has been at the top of its competitors since years due to which they have gained a level of experience which many are yet to achieve in this same category.

This is definitely the best software for you if you are into the classical beats making, its not only globally recognized but is also a preferred selection for many popular producers such as DJ Numark and 9th Wonder.


  • Maschine mikro MK3 – $259
  • Flagship maschine mk3 – $599
  • Mashcine+ – $1399

Reason 12:

Reason studios has been known for providing impressive synths and a vast library of sounds, and with their latest software Reason 12 simply takes those to another level. This program is a beast when it comes to features and extensive support of different plugins.

Reason 12 is definitely your best “go-to” option if you are looking for a professional grade all-in-one solution. It’s a simple-to-use beatmaker that can still be deeply customized by advanced users. Just flip the virtual “studio rack” around and re-route audio signals however you like. Reason 12 also supports hardware controllers such as MIDI keyboards though considering how packed the software is when It comes to functionality, you probably won’t need them.

The idea behind Reason user interface is like having a virtual studio rack on your computer. You can add in an unlimited number of drum machines, synths, effects processors and combine them all. The team takes it further by letting you route the virtual gear just like you would a real physical studio rack which not only gives it the element of looking cool but it also helps in seeing things from different perspectives.


  • 30 day trial – $1
  • Reason+ – $499

Magix Music Maker

if we were to talk about which beats making software can provide us with the ultimate producing experience, Magix music maker would be the one. Magix music maker is the most affordable and easy to use software available on this list making it the perfect companion for beginners and hobbyists both.

This amazing software offers auto pitch adjustment, tons of sound effects, sample tracks, drag and drop functionality, access to a number of VST instruments and effects and much more to get anyone from a newbie to pro level started in no time. Magix music maker also includes audio recording functionality ensuring that you don’t have to rely on a third-party app for different tasks.

If you are just wanting to experience what its like to be a beat creator or are looking for something easy to use, this is your best bet for now. Plus, the training included makes it easy to learn to use in a few minutes so you can get right to making music without getting lost in workflow problems.


  • A free version with basic tools
  • Music maker plus – $59
  • Music maker premium – $129

Serato Beat Software

If you are someone who has a background in Dj-ing or knows a thing or two about it, Serato Beat software can definitely level up your game. Serato is considered to be one of the fastest and most initiative digital audio workstation for making beats by many top artists across the globe.

Serato comes with dozens of handy features though one that highlights among the rest is its master key feature.  At the touch of a button, the program will shift everything you’re using into the same key. You can turn off the feature if you know what you’re doing, but Master Key is just one of the ways Serato caters to beginner beat makers. Other than that, the program also offers top-notch drum sequencers and note sequencers to help you create complex patterns and note sequences without any instrument. It also comes with an easy UI which does not trouble the users in maneuvering through it.

if you are someone who uses a DJ channel mixing strip, this program is highly recommended for you as it will boost your game in ways like no other.


  • A free version with basic tools.
  • Subscription plan – $9.99/per month.
  • One time purchase – $249

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is mostly known among the music industry due to its amazing loop features and grid style music editor. The learning curve for this software may be a little higher when compared to other programs on this list though it’s definitely worth the time you’ll be spending on it.

Ableton comes rigged with all the essential tools one may require to create bashing beats and amazing soundtracks. The UI on this software is quite packed with insane features such as drum rack plugin which helps you layer multiple samples in a 16-pad grid that looks familiar to those who use classic EDM hardware instruments and the ability to “comp” which means that you can record multiple takes of a particular refrain, listen back and compare these attempts, and then select and insert the best-sounding sections from across these recordings. Not only that but Ableton 11 also supports MIDI Polyphonic Expressions (MPE) giving its users more precise control over the sound and expressiveness of notes.

Overall, Ableton is one of the best music production programs for producers that want to take their arrangements to the stage.


  • Live 11 intro – $99
  • Live 11 standard – $449
  • Live 11 suite – $749

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