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BCAT Certification Program: 5 Easy Tricks to Pass Exam

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the recent pandemic, is “United we stand, divided we fall“. You & I, contributed together with self-isolation & saved the society at large. However, the sufferings for families with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) child (finding it hard to understand what others are thinking or feeling) is heart-wrenching yet. Recent research shows, it is an unserved area where most autism technicians after qualifying BCAT Certification Exams are moving to make life easier for affected people & making $3,327/month.

Here we organized the 5 Easy Tricks to Get BCAT Certification (Board Certified Autism Technician) that make you ready for the workforce and to give you a cause of living in the family of thousands of autism technicians who are ruling industry & help you enrich your personal life.

What is BCAT Certification?

BCAT is known as a professional certification for Autism Technician aspirants who help building autism-specific competency in individuals with ASD, having limited capability to understand feelings, emotions and find it hard to deal with social interactions.

This program is nationally recognized with definite role of behavior technician. Once you pass the exam, BCAT credentials are transferred to candidate.

BCAT Exam Outline

There are total 175 multiple choice questions (MCQs) in BCAT exam, whereas each candidate has equal time of 3 hours or 180 minutes to complete the exam.

Content Outline

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Principles of ABA
  • Skill Acquisition : Treatment
  • Reduction of problem Behavior
  • Behavioral Data Collection
  • Ethical/Legal Considerations

BCAT Certification Cost (Exam Fees)

BCAT Cost ($)

It starts with $74 application verification and other variable costs of recertifications, criminal record check and renewal. click here to make better choice from options

BCAT Certification Requirements

  • 40 hours training
  • A student must have high school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience of 15 hours
  • Comply with Code of Conduct
  • Pass BCAT Exam

BCAT Certification Institutes [Register Now]

Behavioral Intervention Certification Council

BCAT Professional License @thebcat.com

Board Certified Autism Technician Salary

In California, a certified Autism Technician earns approximately $68,434 per year according to ZipRecruiter. However, $47,884/year is average base pay in USA based on available job roles at Salary.com.

SimplyHired has some job offerings with $20/ hour with benefits health insurance, paid training, paid time off and mileage reimbursement as well in CA.

From above estimates, $20-30 is per hour salary range for certified Autism Technician and its more than enough to live a standard life.

Find Autism Scholarships Here to accomplish your education goals and continue your learning journey with the best institutes

Jobs for Autism Technician

  • Rigestered Behavior Technician (RBT)
  • Teaching Assistant
  • ABA Behavior Therapist
  • Autism Behavior Technician
  • Autism Support Technician

Apply for given jobs with range of benefits offered in USA

5 Easy Tricks to Get BCAT Certification

In order to be a certified autism technician, you have to appear in BCAT exam after registration process.

First of all, you need to focus on the content outline given above in which prioritize the topics with percentage given as weightage of each topic in exam. As you cover the most essential parts having great weightage, you definitely sit with peace and attempt exam with passing grades. Moreover, BCAT evaluation report showed that 97% of passing ratio stated in 2021, that implies most candidates pass exam with flying colors..

Secondly, make excellent notes everyday for topics you have less grip. allocate your proper time on topics that needed great deal of attention and resume the topic daily where you left.

Do not bound on study environment around you to recall things everyday, you can do that on-the-go as well in case you are out of accessibility to books or study space.

Thirdly, discuss the topics and search for queries from peers who are doing same BCAT certification. It can help you to see the topics with different angles and broaden your scope for the topics you are less good at.

In last, join networks at social media for autism technicians, where community mostly post resources and add updates about the BCAT Certification. This is really helpful choice for you, when other peers find out amazing concepts and make your life easier with short summary of topics.

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