Amazon Jobs in Houston in 2022

Amazon Jobs Houston in 2022


In Houston in 2022, many jobs at Amazon are available. Is it your dream to work at Amazon one day? Apply now to complete the first step towards it! Don’t wait too long to do so, as these are very competitive jobs. Since Amazon offers its employees a variety of employee benefits, including maternity and paternity leave, these jobs are highly sought-after.

Job Categories at Amazon jobs Houston:

At Amazon in 2022 in Houston, a large variety of job categories are available for you. You could be a Solutions Architect, a part of Sales, Advertising, & Account Management, or Business & Merchant Development. Apart from that, explore Operations, IT, & Support Engineering, Management Non-Technical and Technical, Medical, Health, & Safety, and Business Intelligence. Even more jobs are available, such as in Hardware Development, Human Resources, Marketing, and Transportation Management. Lastly, Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate, Finance and Global Business Services, Fulfillment & Operation Management are also open for new employees.

Duties and Responsibilities for amazon jobs Houston:

Here, we will elaborate on the duties (of some of the jobs mentioned) that you can expect as an employee.

Solutions Architect:

You’ll be helping Amazon do the best thing regarding advanced cloud-based solutions. You’ll also be providing advice for migrating the existing workloads to the cloud. All types of cloud solutions and AWS uses will be within your purview.

Medical, Health, & Safety:

You will be a part of the team that is responsible for helping promote Amazon’s positive work environment. You will be keeping an eye on the work environment around you and then conducting trainings on observed work habits. Conducting Job Hazard Analysis will also be a part of your job. For more details, click here.

Business & Merchant Development:

Within this role, you will be working with senior business and technical leaders of companies to help them move within AWS’ purview. You will be helping them migrate and proposing solutions to make the move easier.

Business Intelligence:

Analyzing business decisions for companies working with Amazon will be a part of your job. You will be providing data engineering, creating key performance indicators, and providing thought leadership as a part of your job.


While all the specific roles do require specific qualifications, the basics are the same across the board. You will require a relevant degree and experience within your job. Senior jobs require more experience. Within a management position such as a People Manager, you will require management experience as well.


1) What types of jobs are offered at Amazon in Houston in 2022?

They are all full-time jobs.

2) Are any jobs available directly outside Houston?

Yes, two jobs are available in Pasadena as well. The jobs are that of an IT Support Associate and an IT Support Engineer.

3) What types of roles are there at Amazon in Houston in 2022?

You could be an Individual Contributor or a People Manager.

4) Is there any kind of discount available for Amazon employees?

Yes, there is a 10% discount code for both Amazon sold items and Amazon shipped items on for employees. Apart from this, you’ll gain access to a specific app as an employee. On that app, you’ll get regular discounts for food, entertainment, travel, shipping, phones, and a variety of other things.

5) What kind of opportunities are available for increasing my base pay?

As Amazon rewards loyalty, pay generally increases after 36 months’ tenure. Apart from that, you’ll get regular opportunities for bonuses.

6) Is overtime of night-time shifts paid extra?

Yes, there is an extra pay for such employees in certain roles.

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