Alpha Phi Scholarships

Alpha Phi Scholarships 2023: Deadline, Eligibility & Award

If you are African-American or Latino male, The Alpha Phi Scholarships are open for you for Fall 2023. This scholarship offers $2500 award to students who want to continue their studies in Ohio.

Alpha Phi Scholarships 2023


Scholarship is open for high school seniors enrolled full-time in school

Award $25,00

Deadline: December

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Student must be a Latino Male (From Latin America) or African-American (Black Americans who are descended from African families)
  2. Must be a high school senior from Northwest Ohio (Nearby Toledo)
  3. Students must be enrolled in Northwest Ohio high school as a full-time candidate to get reward.
  4. Recipient should possess 2.75 CGPA minimum to be eligible for award
  5. Disclose fall semester grades to claim award amount for upcoming Spring Semester
  6. Scholarship holder will appear in interview later (if invited)
  7. Selected students must attend MLK Scholarship Breakfast (An organized meet-up) to receive his/her award.
  8. Candidate involved in community service or extra-curricular activities consider as plus point.
  9. Candidate must bring (2) Recommendation Letters from a school counselor, teacher, pastor, or mentor except family members.
  10. Write 500 words essay to following queries
    • “Kindly, Reflect on the ideals and philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how the applicant has attempted to emulate these qualities in their lives, especially now with current events and the current racial climate in the U.S”
    • “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement advocated that the best way to make changes in the law was through the use of civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is the act of refusing to comply with laws or the government to protest an injustice. MLK has always held that such protest must always be peaceful. But current community leaders argue that some destruction and violence is necessary for change. Argue for or against the following statement: “All acts of civil disobedience, even violent, is morally justifiable”


Alpha Phi Scholarships opens in the last (3) months of year, whereas submission date is decided in December. The award winning high school students will be granted amount in the Spring Semester once they show Fall Semester grades.


You have to fulfill the personal information name, address, grades and college in the Application Form and submit it before deadline.

Northwest Ohio

There are number of cities comes under the Ohio State having outstanding education, development and environment for high school students. check the following cities and schools for Alpha Phi Scholarships.

Wild Wood Preserve, Toledo, Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio Cities

  1. Ada.
  2. Bellevue.
  3. Clyde.
  4. Crestline.
  5. Delphos.
  6. Fostoria.
  7. Galion.

Northwest Ohio Schools

High SchoolGraduation RateNational RankEnrollment
Ottawa Hills High School98%#131348
Perrysburg High School97%#13341584
Sylvania Northview High School95%#22211406
Sylvania Southview High School93%#24151074
Anthony Wayne High School98%#29151369
Evergreen High School96%#2942368
Bowling Green High School96%#3711869
Maumee High School97%#3770661
Springfield High School93%#41581008
Woodmore High School96%#4395265
Archbold High School94%#4439354
High School Graduate Rate, Ranking and Enrollment

Community Services

As getting scholarship becomes competitive enough, thus high school students have to stand out in the crowd with exceptional achievement by doing some community services enlisted below

  • Collect and donate things for underprivileged communities
  • Foster a Shelter Animal
  • Donate Blood if your are 17+ aged with parental consent or facilitate the needy with donors
  • Help people to continue their study like offer books that are no use for you
  • Give IT help to candidates who have no access immidiate
  • Host a holiday meal in community
  • Make a birthday card for homeless kids to add smiles in their lives
  • Volunteer in local NGO events
  • Help organization to fundraise for orphans meal
  • Assist disable peoples in their hard times and their struggle

Final Thoughts

Alpha Phi Scholarships are open for Black Americans to continue their studies after high school if they meet eligibility criteria above. There are many ways, students can increase selection chances with community service in local community. Northwest Ohio is considered great educational hub for high school seniors, check the cities near Toledo and Schools, so that you get $2500 scholarship for your studies.

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