is founded in 2021 with a motive to provide comprehensive guide to high school seniors, college students, and those who are seeking for best career opportunities and higher education options. We produce the well-researched and authentic guidelines about scholarships and financial aid for high school seniors, college and university candidates to continue their study journey without financial obstacles.

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Tons of information pieces are produced daily on the Internet, candidates are challenged “what are accurate guidelines?” Therefore, NerdSuggest started addressing the actual queries students have related to application process, acceptance rate, scholarship deadline, award amount, major disciplines, personal statements and recommendation letters.

We allocate the experts of above areas to find alternatives in the respective areas where students are looking to continue their higher education.

24/7 Scholarships

We update scholarships daily for international students, thousands of candidates already registered and finance their education with Scholarships at NerdSuggest. We believe in collective effort to make the student journey even better, hence we love to get feedback and response instantly to bring the most desired guidelines for students 24/7.


High school students will be provided enough information for freshmen, seniors and sophomores scholarships to prepare earlier for their career like many smart high schoolers do. They don’t need to worry what happens after leaving high school because we guide at every step and help them to finance their education with best matching choice from Nerdsuggest.


Nerdsuggest is helping since long time to help students pay for their college. Many candidates apply for college scholarships but missed from the thousand dollars award because of queries they find hard to ask from organization. Here we cover more FAQs as much as possible on college scholarships and grants.


As we know the education journey goes on, many candidates find scholarships for undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate studies in variety of disciplines like social sciences, natural sciences, biological sciences etc. We deliver the brief details of each university across globe and their financial aid criteria before students miss the opportunity.