5 Best Cloud Gaming Services 2023 (in-depth Review)

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Have you ever wished that you could play AAA gaming titles without worrying about their absolute monstrous hardware requirements? Well, you are in luck to be living in 2023 than as it seems to appear that the game developers have found a solution for this problem. Cloud Gaming, that’s right. Cloud gaming allows the user to experience and get immersed within a high resource demanding game without having to match its minimum required specs. With Cloud gaming: you can not only dilute yourself within the breathtaking graphics of some popular games out there, but you also get rid of the tension to upgrade your PC every now and then for any new title that gets announced.

What Is Cloud Gaming Service? How Does it Work?

Cloud gaming as the words define themselves: is gaming on the cloud, i.e., the servers. Cloud gaming allows you to play your favorite titles by simulating them on the servers instead of your hardware. Whereas it may demand a consistent and reliable internet connection, there is no doubt that cloud gaming is the next-gen era for all of the hardcore gamers out there. It not only eliminates the need for high specs and premium GPUs but it also lets you experience different titles across any device that has a display connected to it. Whether it’s your android phone or TV, Tablet or Office PC. You now have the access to hundreds of top-notch games which you can run with utmost level of comfort and ease.

Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2023:

In order to hold you from the trouble of jumping into the vast world of internet for finding a reliable Cloud gaming service, we have made a list of some best ones which ensure a perfect gameplay experience and do not require a significantly high bandwidth connection.


Paperspace is the first cloud gaming service on our list which vows to be the perfect choice for casual gamers who are wanting to get their hands on more exclusive graphically rich titles.

Its primarily a cloud computing company hence it has a handful of techniques to optimize the game performance and utilize the inputs of keyboard/controllers.

Paperspace provides its users with a virtual remote gaming rig that allows them to download and play games from any store or library one may find on their home computer.

Their gaming service also comes with a unique hourly based plans as well as monthly ones which can prove to be handy for both: hardcore gamers and casual gamers. The best part about using Paperspace is the ability to choose your own hardware; you can select relatively less expensive hardware if you wish to play lighter games and vice versa. Along with the backend access and unrestricted gaming library, these capabilities make it one of the most versatile cloud gaming solutions to go for specially if you are someone who already has a built-up collection of games.


  • Hourly plans start from $0.45 to $3.09 (Based on the assets you choose for your setup).
  • Monthly plans start from $268 to $1994 (Based on the assets you choose for your setup)

GeForce NOW

Best Cloud Gaming Services

If you have been around the gaming community for a while. you have probably heard about Nvidia.

Its one of the world’s leading GPU and PC hardware creating company that has been boosting the limits of different AAA titles to their max.

So, what if such a gaming enthused company announces a cloud service of its own? Yes, its one you’d want to get your hands on ASAP.

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW is a strong contender for best cloud gaming service thanks to its affordable price and a dozen other features.

It allows you to instantly play your favorite games from leading online game stores such as Epic games and Uplay. You can get the most premium experience from any AAA title around the market within 1080p resolution catted along with 60 frames per second. Under the remote hood, Nvidia is packing its own top-end GeForce GTX and Tesla graphics cards, along with 14GBs of RAM per user.

There are also no storage limits – if you buy a game, it’s yours forever. It does have its downsides like no support for 4K or a few glitchy interfaces here and there, though with the flow of quick updates Nvidia is on regarding to this platform; they won’t be a clink in your eye when you’re visioning for a seamless gaming experience.


  • Free plan: $0.00/month.
  • Priority plan: $9.99/month – $49.99/6 months.
  • RTX 3080 plan: $99.99/6 months.

Amazon Luna

Best Cloud Gaming Services

You could almost guess that a company like Amazon which helped pioneer the cloud server would jump into the world of cloud gaming service.

As they have the most inevitable resources and experience which today’s gaming community seems to be seeking.

So here we are with: Amazon Luna. This service is still in its early access stages though considering how they’ve got big titles like Ubisoft already on the hook; you can tell that their initials are going to be big in terms of performance and numbers.

Amazon Luna offers a sublime gaming experience with a library of over 500 games including the most popular AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at resolutions of 4k and 1080p on 60fps. It also integrated with Twitch and is promising an extensive support for live streaming on the most popular platform for live content creators itself in the near future. The only downside about this amazing service is that it’s not available for androids yet, though this factor seems to hide among all the other astonishing features this company delivers to its users.


  • Luna+ early access plan: $5.99/ month.
  • Ubisoft+ plan: $17.99/month.
  • Family Channel plan: $2.99/month.


Best Cloud Gaming Services

It won’t be wrong if we call Playkey one of the most unique cloud gaming services as it not only entertains you by letting you simulate your favorite AAA titles across multiple devices of your choice. But it also works as a platform which allows miners to rent out their hardware for earning some quick bucks.

This combined factor of using blockchain technology as a gaming rig not only helps the company in providing better performance due to more virtual hardware output but it also attracts users who are into crypto mining. Playkey has got dozens of big companies on board such as Ubisoft, Bethesda and WarGaming allowing it to stream a vast library of games coming from these developers while allowing its users to access their steam library alongside.

Since this gaming service uses crypto clouding, it provides the users who allot their gaming rigs onto their farming servers with a currency of their own called Playkey Tokens; a cryptocurrency that can be traded on the crypto exchanges. So, if you are looking for a service that can be your companion in both Crypto and entertainment, Playkey is made just for you.


  • Monthly plan: $49.
  • Different Hourly plans with different prices can be found on their website.


Best Cloud Gaming Services

If we were to call Shadow; one of the best cloud gaming service providers, we won’t be wrong. Shadow is arguably the all-around best cloud gaming service currently available.

It is aimed at customers who want all the glory of a high-end gaming PC without actually having to spend thousands to build one.

Unlike other cloud gaming services that allocate a piece of their resources when you want to play a game, Shadow dedicates an entire computer to you.

Regardless of being an independent company, Shadow has stood up its measures on extent levels which leaves many major developers behind by allowing their users to play in 4k at 60 fps or in 1080 at 144 fps while on the lowest bandwidth possible. Furthermore, although it’s primarily marketed towards gamers, you can actually do anything with your machine.

This includes browsing the web and installing and using any programs and apps that support windows 10. The only qualm with this gaming service is that it can take days for your account to become active as they install hardware manually at one of their nearest data centers. Overall, though, you cannot find a better all-around cloud gaming computer than from the Shadow gaming service.


  • Monthly plans starting from: $29.99.

What do we think about Cloud Gaming?

There is no doubt in saying that the gaming industry is evolving every single day and with services like cloud gaming; we can only see it stepping up and not down. This enhanced way of gaming not only makes it possible for anyone with a low spec device to get the exquisite graphically rich experience of their favorite titles, but it also introduces them to many new factors of what the developers of same criteria may achieve in the upcoming time. Will Cloud gaming be the future? Maybe, is it a substant source or alteration for hardcore gamers out there? Yes, as cloud gaming allows anyone to unleash their inner gaming spirit up to its full potential.

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